Water Do We Really Need 8 Glasses A Working Day

bifocal reading glasses

If you’re like most individuals, when you acquire prescription eyewear, you think you decide on the frames first. This is not proper. Pick your prescription lens, then uncover frames for the prescription lens. You have to make sure your frames maintain the lens you require. Or else, you may not be happy with your prescription eyewear.

So can you genuinely have greater eyesight without glasses? I remember when we had been children, my brother went to the eye doctor and he was told that he experienced to have eyeglasses. My Mom took him to get fitted with a manufacturer glasses for kids new pair. About a month later on, we went to pay a visit to my grandparents and my grandmother advised my brother that if he continued to put on his eyeglasses, his eyesight would only get worse. From that day on, my brother in no way wore his eyeglasses again. He is now 50 many years aged and just commenced putting on studying eyeglasses. I guess my grandmother was correct!

As Wikipedia puts it, “A tulip glass not only aids lure the aroma, but also aids in keeping large heads, producing a visual and olfactory sensation.” If individuals arm lengths aren’t in proportion to your beer (and pouring fashion) you could get rid of out on some great smells or overfoaming (actually getting rid of cherished beer. Friendships have been created or damaged in excess of this sort of glassware conclusions. Choose correctly.

plastic glasses

First of all, below are individuals glasses fit for the picture of fresh and thoroughly clean. We say the picture new and clean given that in this circumstance, there will be a small air in our hair to make our hair fluffy. Typically, we could regard curly hair new plastic glasses and clear. For hairstyles like that, we’d greater use eyeglasses with heavy frames. Occasionally we could consider eyeglasses with panther prints which would make the total appearances of us a lot more energetic. Frequently, if we put on eyeglasses with heavy frames when our hairstyles are of that kind, we would definitely be out-standing in the crowds. Many thanks to our overstated eyeglasses and hairstyles, we would be the vibrant details in the streets.

+ Convenience. Numerous individuals report feeling that glasses weigh as well much, harm their ears and nose, or simply rub from their face in an awkward bifocal glasses method. Contacts may be unpleasant at first in much the identical way that glasses become not comfortable in excess of time. Maintain with contacts, nonetheless, and the soreness subsides and they truly feel like there is nothing at all in your eye but better vision.

The glasses have been produced byARC Intercontinental, of Millville, NJ. and dispersed completely byMcDonald’s Company. They have been available for obtain for about $2 at most McDonald’s dining establishments considering that Might 2010.

In basic water assists the entire body’s organs to perform much better. Some scientists feel that drinking water is retained in the organs better when it is sipped than when it is taken in big quantities.

So you are probably wondering why I nonetheless put on glasses. However, I just can not manage contacts. The greatest difficulty with get cat eye glasses frames in touch with lenses is that they are costly. A number of pairs are needed for a single 12 months. If I could find the money for contacts although, I promise that I would be putting on them. The advantages are just as well many to ignore.

See the cherry blossoms from your bike

Visit the National Cherry Blossom Festival & Alexandria, VA

If you’re ready to “spring” into action and take advantage of temperatures that are—finally!—warming up, consider going to Washington, DC for the National Cherry Blossom Festival, March 20 – April 13. Just across the Potomac River from D.C. is Alexandria, Virginia, George Washington’s hometown, poised to welcome visitors and support their cherry-blossom pursuits.

And if you’d like to ensure that your trip is active, too, you can view the riverside blossoms with Bike and Roll’s Blossoms scenic bike tour, stroll the streets, cruise the Potomac River, or take a palate-pleasing walking tour.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. is an annual event timed to coincide with the blooming of the trees that were given to the U.S. from Japan, celebrating not only the natural beauty but also the relationship between the people of the United States and Japan.

To make the most of your time during the festival:

Stroll the walkable streets of Alexandria, taking in its 18th and 19th century architecture, top restaurants, high-end boutique shopping, and thriving art scene. Alexandria is also just a $7 ferry ride across from National Harbor, with a new outlet mall, Gaylord Hotel, and lots of other fun sites.

Pedal on a Blossoms by Bike River Ride, a three-hour tour that takes riders along the scenic Mount Vernon Trail from Old Town Alexandria to Washington, DC, for incredible views of the cherry blossoms from across the Potomac River. The tour continues into D.C. and around the tidal basin as bikers learn the history of the blossoms’ significance to the area before heading back to Alexandria. (Tours available April 4 – April 13, 2014, 1 – 4pm.

Tour the buds from the water on the Cherry Blossom Boat Tour. The Potomac Riverboat Company is letting visitors tour the blooming pink buds and the capital’s riverside monuments by boat along the Potomac River during this limited time cruise. (Saturdays and Sundays, March 29 – April 13, 2014, departing every two hours from 11:30am – 5:30pm.

Please your palate on the Old Town Cherry Blossom Food Tour. This guided walking tour of Alexandria explores the city’s history and 18th- and 19th-century architecture while pausing in locally owned eateries to sample delectable cherry-centric dishes and learn about cherry blossom history in the nation’s capital. (March 22 – April 12, 2014, Wednesdays at 11:30am and Saturdays at 2pm)

When the sun sets, you’ll find lodging, dining and a vibrant nightlife ready to entertain you in Alexandria.

Restaurant review: The Barbeque Exchange, Gordonsville, Va

Located in the small town of Gordonsville, Va. The Barbeque Exchange is a bastion of culinary delight in a most unexpected place. Craig Hartman, the chef owner has had one extraordinary culinary journey that has taken him from the Culinary Institute of America to the Rocky Mountains, the Catskills and finally to the outskirts of Charlottesville. He and his wife Donna have settled here for the last 5 years but it is likely it won’t be their last stop. When I dined at Fossett’s in Charlottesville several people told me that Craig was formerly the chef at that amazing restaurant.

The food that is served at the Barbeque Exchange is not surprisingly, barbeque. However, leave behind any preconceived notions that you may have about barbeque. While the atmosphere is casual with picnic tables inside and paper tablecloths, there is nothing at all casual about the quality of the food being offered.

This is a very popular place. In an average year, they go through a quarter million pounds of meat. On both occasions that I visited here even though it was definitely an off time, it was crowded. I can only imagine what it might be like at a popular time. There is no table service, you go and place your order as at a counter where the sides are all visible. You start by choosing your plate. I won’t list all the proteins but there are platters, depending on your appetite you can choose several combinations. The typical platter has a protein with two sides and cornbread, pumpkin muffin or roll. There are platters that have more than one protein for larger appetites.

There are hot and cold sides. I was lucky enough to be given a sampling of all the cold sides and most of the proteins and I didn’t find one that I didn’t like, well almost. I have to say the Fu-Q, fried tofu was not something that I enjoyed but my guess is that it is terrific for vegetarians who usually would find little to eat at a barbeque restaurant. However, I loved the sausage enough on the first visit to order it for my protein on the second visit. One thing that I got to sample that isn’t on the menu was Sticky Love bacon, OMG I could eat a pound of it. Ask when you are there, it may be available.

All the sides are made in house and are so fresh and delicious. There are five varieties of homemade pickles, everything from sweet pickles to horseradish pickles. Try the hog wings if you get the chance, they are addictive, we brought them back to the hotel and ate them cold, still awesome.

If you prefer, you can have a sandwich, homemade soup or a sandwich combo. There are also entre salads and fried sides such as hush puppies or fried green tomatoes. You can see their full menu on their website. It is a good idea to look it over before you get there because it can be just a little overwhelming.

Once you have decided on your meal, picked your drink and maybe grabbed one of the amazing desserts that are baked by Amanda. Head to your table to decide which of the outstanding barbeque sauces you are going to use. I tried them all, Hog Fire, Colonel Bacon, Craig’s Carolina, QX Sweet and Soo-eet.

You will feel like a regular from the moment you come in the door. Someone from the staff will greet you and make you feel at home. You can help yourself to more ice tea or water if that is what you choose. I highly recommend that you try the Barbeque Exchange if you are going to be in the area. It is not too far from James Madison’s home Montpelier and after a visit there I can’t think of a better or more delicious place to have lunch or dinner.

Nearsighted Children Can Be Free From Glasses

wayfarer reading glasses

I’m a physician at the Santa Monica UCLA Healthcare Centre and operate extended hrs. I’ve relinquished most child rearing responsibilities to my wife. When I arrive home from the medical center every single evening my boys’ rooms are a mess and they are observing Tv or playing a personal computer recreation. My oldest son, who just lately commenced substantial college, doesn’t appear to have route in his existence. He does; however, get pleasure from cooking, but leaves the cleanse-up responsibilities for his mom. What can I do to motivate my a few boys?

Mary Jones* is a young, divorced lady who has Bronchial asthma. She also suffers from an underactive thyroid. She requires prescriptions on an everyday foundation in get to maintain her Bronchial asthma and thyroid in check out. Mary manages to assistance herself and her teenage daughter by working as a teller at a regional financial institution. Just like thousands and thousands of other operating Americans, Mary doesn’t have healthcare insurance. Since her daughter Megan is a minor, she has point out-presented overall health protection.

Likewise, you will also find out that the fashionable free prescription glasses are also in demand correct now. The individuals put on the spectacles just for the sake of the craze and you will unquestionably locate out that they are just passionate about it.

The image has stayed, meaning prescription and at times pharmacy. While the symbol does not have the same indicating these days, it can have the same that means for some, although it it uncertain that anybody is praying to the Roman god Jupiter for a treatment.

rimless glasses

Doing something new triggers anxiety, mostly simply because we don’t know what to assume. When I started out with my online organization, I was extremely anxious and frightened. I didn’t have anybody to manual me or any textbooks to aid me. Most of the time I had no thought what I was carrying out, I felt nervous and fearful. Concern is all-natural.

Literal Bears I’m Jealous Of is named to be the best entertaining site of all time. This web site was began as Bears I’m Jealous Of which was entirely dedicated to bushy gentlemen. The internet site is later on turned into Literal Bears I’m Jealous Of with the aim to photochromic safety glasses commemorate all wonderful bears in literature.

Insomnia, the incapacity to get to snooze at evening, can lead to enhanced depression. Our bodies require rest to function correctly. If you get the right volume of slumber for your method (anywhere in between 6 and 9 hrs a night time) your temper will be significantly much better in no time. Try getting a wonderful warm bubble tub at evening, before bed, or even get some exercising, which can aid to release power. The two will aid you get relaxed more quickly.

Wearing artificial lenses can make our eyes lazy and train us numerous undesirable practices. Focus on correcting the dilemma of mental pressure and don’t just protect up the problem.

Where to find Carnival masks

Finding the perfect Carnival masks takes some searching but the following websites listed have a large selection and wide variety, you may just find ideal Carnival masks for your next masquerade or costume party.

Carnival masks #1

This website offers Carnival masks, commedia masquerade masks, party masquerade masks, imported masquerade masks. This website also offers footwear, hats, wigs, costumes and make-up artists.

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The Venetian Carnival masks on this site are stunning plus the website offers such masks as: Commedia masks, Greek masks, animals masks, Fairy Tales masks, leather masks and Masquerade masks. The masks on the site are award winning and it is obvious the masks are unique and creative when seeing the photographs of masks being sold.

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This website offers a large variety of Carnival masks plus lot of other choices in masquerade masks such as: handcrafted masquerade masks, Venetian Carnival masquerade masks, economy masks, masks of Mardi Gras, Carnival masks. Theme masks such as: wedding masks, phantom masks, poodle skirts, Shrek masks, Gorilla masks and Vendetta masks.

Carnival masks #4

Here you will find lots of masquerade masks such as: Carnival Masks, feather masks, velvet masks, Mardi Gras masks, fantasy masks, darkside masks, Halloween masks, famous people masks, latex masks, animal masks and ball accessories.

Carnival masks #5

Here you will find lots of unusual and intriguing Carnival masks. The Carnival masks offered really lovely plus the site also offers: Phantom of the Opera masks, Carnivale masks, Music Theatre masks, Music Ball masks, Pavone Mask Jester sticks, Donatella Feather mask, Teatro Harlequino mask and Trevolti Masquerade mask.

The Carnival masks offered on these websites are beautiful and creative. Whether you are looking for Masquerade masks or Venetian Carnival masks, you will be sure to find unique and stunning Carnival Masquerade masks!

Wisconsin Dental Office Advertisements from the 1890's

Dentists from all around Wisconsin during the 1890’s used what seemed to be the same standard graphic of dentures in their ads. It must have been the one dental picture printers had handy at the time. A few dentists from Chicago actually had drawings of themselves inserted into the ad in the newspaper. Most dentists had it printed in newspapers that they did painless dentistry.

Back then Odontunder was used for the “painless” extraction of teeth. The ingredients were a mystery to dentists at the time. The Medical World had a list in 1893 of what was thought to be in Odontunder by a Dr. Charles L. Kerr of Falls City, Nebraska. The ingredients he said worked were – Olel gaultheriae, Chloroform, Ether sulph, Olel caryophyll, Chloralis, Alcoholis. The instructions from Dr. Kerr were to apply with cotton to each side of the tooth.

Dr. A.P. Burris of Janesville had an interesting marketing style. He used a drawing of what looks like a rat with a witch hat carrying a stick with four upper denture plates dangling from the stick. This was unusual compared to other dental advertising in Wisconsin at that time and it must have gotten a lot of attention.

In a biography about Dr. Burris it states that he invented a steam engine to use in filling teeth. It appears that his named was spelled incorrectly in the rat with dentures advertisement in the Jefferson County newspaper.

There were a few traveling dentists in Wisconsin. Some of them even came to towns where there were already dentists practicing at the same time. This was true in Boscobel, Wisconsin.

In 1894 dentists W.T Hurd and Dr. R.R. Powell both had small ads in The Enterprise published on January 17, 1894. Dr. N. Weinberg was coming to town during that time and let everyone know in the very same newspaper on Jan 31, 1894. The public was invited to come to the parlor at Central House in Boscobel during one week in February to see him. Thirteen patients who lived in Richland Center who had work done by Weinberg and would endorse him were named in the newspaper. Dr. N. Weinberg was noted to be the painless dentist and head of Columbus Dental Parlors of Chicago.

E.H. Keith placed an ad in the Eagle River Democrat on Monday July 1st, 1895 that he would be in Eagle River on the 27th and 28th of each month and he let people know he used Odontunder for extractions. His office was in Rhinelander but he came to see patients at the Veronica Hotel in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

W.T. Poad was a dentist in Marshfield. His competition was a dentist named E.V. Kautsky. They both were listed in the Marshfield News under the business cards section on July 25, 1895. Poad had the upper plate graphic next to his tiny ad and it said he used gas to extract teeth. W.T. Poad also placed an ad in the Wisconsin State Gazetter 1895-96 edition. It stated Poad did “Dentistry in all its branches.” Dentists seemed to stop placing large ads in the Wisconsin State Gazetter after this edition.

Dentist E.H. Watrous had the standard graphic of the upper plate denture in the Sheboygan Herald on Sept 29, 1894. Then he started using Steadman Springs dentures and a graphic of them appeared with Watrous’ ad in the Sheboygan Herald on April 27, 1895. The spring idea on a denture didn’t really catch on like they expected.

In 1912 a paper was published on the use of swivel springs on dentures by the Royal Society of Medicine. W.W. Gabell had said that he thought the ignorance of the use of springs was why they had fallen into disuse. If you look at the picture Watrous used in the Sheboygan Herald of the Steadman Springs denture you might agree that they just looked painful to wear.

One of the only ads without dentures as an eye-catching graphic was from Dr. F.E. Pilcher of Portage, Wisconsin. Pilcher did not advertise pain free dentistry either and stated that bridge, crown and gold work were a specialty. Dr. Pilcher’s dental office was located over the post office. (The Daily Register, Monday January 7, 1895).

An unfortunate incident was noted about Dr. Pilcher in a dental magazine called The Dental Summary (Vol. 22). It was reported that Dentist F.E. Pilcher of Sparta, Wisconsin was “held up” and robbed of a gold watch and $50 in money on October 1st, 1901.

Dr. W.W. Tarr placed an ad in the Racine Daily Journal on Jan 26, 1895. A drawing of him was right below an ad about curing syphilis. Tarr’s ad was also near a story from the Buffalo Express about a barber named Balthasar Guggenheimer using hypodermic syringes in shaving bristles and injecting customers with cocaine. The story talks about how victims suffered at the barbers before the “happy” discovery of ether, nitrous oxide and cocaine. Times sure have changed.

Paris Coffee Shop in Fort Worth: Where John Denver dined

Early one morning, my Fort Worth, Texas friend announced she was taking me to one of Fort Worth’s best breakfast places. Located on the south side of town in what is known as the ‘hospital district’; nevertheless, I was a bit leery about the prospects as some of the buildings looked rather ‘forgotten’.

She tells me to trust her because we’re heading for the famous Paris Coffee Shop. “But don’t expect any Paris there,” she warns because it’s really a disguised diner. “Oh great,” I’m thinking as I briefly reminisce about Mel’s Diner – a fictional roadside diner in the 1976-1985 American TV series Alice. I’m secretly hoping that the service and food will be better than that delivered by the acerbic Flo at Mel’s Diner.

A Fort Worth institution

Considered a Fort Worth institution since 1930, the Paris Coffee Shop is the oldest family-owned restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas. These days it operates from a building that was originally a beauty shop. Constructed around 1927, it is a rather nondescript white building with a blue sign that now marks the Paris Coffee Shop. (Prior to being the home of the Paris Coffee Shop, it was a Safeway in 1941, whereupon it was eventually remodeled with a Moderne façade.) As of 1975, it became home to Paris – the Paris Coffee Shop that is. And these days the diner in disguise has a booming business for breakfast and lunch, since they aren’t open for dinner.

The Paris Coffee Shop is owned by Mike Smith and his wife Ginger. As you walk through the door of this 1970’s “throw-back” diner, more than likely it will be Mike Smith you encounter. A big man with a big smile and warm embrace, he arrives Monday-Saturday before sunrise so as to make his signature pies from scratch. “The classic coconut meringue and chocolate meringue are our best-sellers,” he proclaims. “But the cobblers are great, too!”

Breakfast as the star

But I’m here for breakfast, and no matter how hard I try to convince myself, I’m not ready yet for that slice of pie. Besides pies, they are also known for their down-home breakfast fare of biscuits and gravy, grits, omelets, and pancakes. Service is classic Southern hospitality, and our waitress is everything a top waitress should be: cordial, efficient, friendly, and willing to engage in conversation with a most genuine, neighborly smile.

I order one of the newer, lighter specialties – a Greek omelet with spinach, mushrooms and feta while my friend stays with the familiar biscuits and gravy. After sampling her fare, I wished I had ordered the same because it was so sinfully good. Still, I very much enjoyed my healthier alternative. Plus, I enjoyed my endless cup of coffee that was aromatic, full-bodied, and satisfying.

Where John Denver dined

Smith (owner) soon approaches our table to greet us, whereupon I asked him about the John Denver blurb on the back of his menu. (I‘ll admit that John Denver was one of my all-time favorite musicians back in the 1970’s. Think I bought every record he ever produced.) It turns out that Smith knew Denver very well, long before he became famous as a folk singer, back when his name was actually Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. and when he was attending Arlington Heights High School.

In a strange twist of fate, Denver paid a visit to see Smith at his coffee shop after a quick stop in town. This was after his last show in Fort Worth at the Will Rogers Auditorium in October, 1997. Denver ordered a breakfast of eggs, hash browns, and flour tortillas. Less than two weeks later, he would perish in a single-engine plane crash off the coast of California. Denver was only 53 year old at the time.

Accolades keep coming

But that’s not the only brush with fame for the gregarious yet humble Smith: Bon Appetite ranked the Paris Coffee Shop among the top 10 in the country for 2012 – honoring his pies that, unfortunately, I had yet to taste. In the same year, Food Network’s Sugar High praised Smith’s coconut meringue pie. (Lost opportunity: Maybe I should have ordered pie for breakfast?)

As if that isn’t enough, Smith was recently honored for saving the life of a Fort Worth police officer who happened to be dining in his restaurant. When the officer found he was unable to breathe, desperately gasping for air, Smith stepped in when nobody else did. He promptly administered the Heimlich maneuver to the astonishment of acquiescent diners.

Smith received a plaque from a grateful police department that reads: “For providing extraordinary service and effort to save the life of a Fort Worth Police Officer, T. York, on August 7, 2013.” It is now hanging on the restaurant’s wall, along with dozens of photographs of celebrities and athletes who have dined at Paris Coffee Shop.

For a slice of Fort Worth hospitality, some of the best home-style cooking, along with an encounter with a real hero, check out the Paris Coffee Shop. Open 6:00 am – 2:30 pm weekdays; 6:00 – 11:00 am Saturdays (breakfast only). Closed Sundays.

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There’s no question that the adult cam business is on the increase, and huge number of individuals are discovering this unique experience every time. This industry provides an entertaining option to connect up online with other men and women that you find attractive, and all through the comfort of your very own house. All that you have to do is go to a live sex cam web website, available an account, and you could begin chatting with stunning designs of either sex. You’ll be able to read the data that they’ve posted on their bio, and once you’ve discovered somebody that you would like to become much more intimate with, you simply click to their website link and it will take you straight to their space.

When in their space, you will notice the streaming live video on your display of the person you’ve chosen. Today you could merely type in a message of greeting, and they’ll react by giving you a welcome message in response. On many sex cam websites, you could stay in this location so long as you want 100% free; however, there are other people into the room too, when you wish to enter into a private and intimate session, you just click personal session or ask the model that you have actually selected to get into a private session to you.

The only downside of live sex cam sites is that there are several running online that may try to rip you off, or they may be misleading, and that means you want to make certain you only utilize a reputable sex cam site such as Solo Sex Cams. This live sex cam site has high ratings and an excellent reputation.

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The first time you ask a girl or guy into an exclusive session can be a bit unnerving the very first time, but it’s additionally really exciting too. There actually isn’t any should be stressed, the designs make you feel welcome from the beginning, in addition they now what you desire as well as how to please. Besides, they can’t see you, and that means you can remain anonymous if you wish. After you’ve gotten to know your model better, you could possibly enter into a cam-to-cam session. Here, you can see each other, making for an also much more intimate session. For those who have a microphone, you’ll be able to talk to them as well.


Another function that sets Solo Sex Cams aside from other sites is the wide assortment of groups you need to select from. They usually have just about every category you can think of including:

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Solo Sex Cams has a number of the hottest looking models offered, and you’ll be surprised at the choice you need to select from. In fact, there are currently over 15 thousand authorized models during the site, so there’s always a wide selection to select from, and you can see them when you like, time or night.

Special Features:

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Oishi Japanese Restaurant competes for vacation dollar in Orlando

With several Japanese restaurants, Oishi Japanese Hibachi & Sushi Restaurant stands out from the rest of the other restaurants in Orlando, Florida.
More Photos
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Food & Drink

With three sushi chefs, diners will receive high-quality sushi grade fish for their appetizers and entrees.

Customer Service

It’s a young wait staff. With large family parties, the wait staff will move and assist dining area. Tell wait staff you are on the trolley schedule and they will assist in meeting your time frame.

While TripAdvisor shares complaints of long waits, it depends on the timing. During the summer peak season, expect to wait about an average of 40 minutes for a large-dining table. During down times and late at night, consider sitting at the sushi area for quick and prompt service.

Price Point

$30 to $50, depending on menu selection


The family-owned Japanese restaurant also operates one in Tampa.

Unique Traits

Local concierge hosts shared this restaurant is their personal favorite. It is also frequented by the locals and other restaurant workers in the area.

The decor shows the cheesy Japanese interior but it plays well to the ambiance.

Contact Information

11025 International Drive, Suite A

Orlando, Florida 32821-7381

(407) 465-0088

Website: http://restaurantoishi.com/

Healthy woman sues after company uses her face for ad about HIV

A model did not expect her photos to end up going to a cause that she had no part of.

Avril Nolan thought the shots of her posing in front of a graffiti-covered building would be just for a magazine editorial.

According to the New York Post on Saturday, the 25-year-old found out through Facebook that her image was being used in a campaign from the New York Division of Human Rights to promote rights for people infected with HIV.

The words “I am positive (+)” and “I have rights” appeared next to the woman’s photo where she is wearing a black vest and a red flower in her hair.

Nolan does not have the virus.

She is bringing the $450,000 lawsuit against Getty Images after the photographer, Jena Cumbo, released the photo without Nolan’s written consent. A legal claim is also being made against the Division of Human Rights that sponsored the advertisement.

Cumbo claims that Getty did not go through her for the rights to the photos and that she apologizes for the way Nolan was portrayed.

“I never intended for her picture to be used in this way,” she said.

The woman claims the image left her “feeling humiliated and embarrassed” since she had to tell her job at a public relations firm about the ad. The ad appeared in newspapers that her PR clients would use for their campaigns.

Getty has not commented on the issue.

Buzzfeed was recently sued in June by photographer Kai Eiselein whose photos were used without permission from his Flickr account, according to PetaPixel.

A photo of a female soccer player using her head to punt a soccer ball was used in the website’s “The 30 Funniest Header Faces”.

Eiselin sued for $3.6 million due to the photo becoming so popular that it was stolen by several other websites.

The website took down the photo after Eiselein’s complaint.